The Knaq platform is an end-to-end solution for the management of your entire HVAC system

Easy Install

Inexpensive, small foot-print hardware non-invasively mounts to any controller in minutes

Reports Anomalies Instantly

Immediate SMS/Email alerts allow for rapid incident responses

Tracks Multiple Units

Get precise diagnostics and usage monitoring across your entire portfolio

OEM Agnostic

Get deep data insights on your entire portfolio, regardless of OEM, age, or model of equipment

Simplify Your Operations

Easily report on trends and summary data for your entire portfolio

Integrate into your BMS

Direct integration into workforce management software streamlines operations

Get up to the second info on all aspects of HVAC performance:

Temperature data

Fan speed

Compressor cycles

Energy Consumption

Remote Amperage/Frequency Readings

Equipment Uptime

Unit Shutdowns

Usage Trends

Predictive Alerts


Unlock Full Portfolio Views

Immediate SMS/Email alerting, tiered per user permission

API push functionality to directly notify work order management software for maintenance tickets

Powerful preventative maintenance tracking

Predictive data insights over long term time horizons

Summary Page

Detailed Reporting for Stakeholders

Stay up to date with reporting on key equipment performance indicators

Robust in app reporting functionality to distinguish between planned and unplanned outages

Unplanned outage categories include accident, environmental, power, misuse, vandalism, and mechanical issues

All reporting data is accessible via an API to build custom reporting dashboards

Report at your own cadence and export all annotated data to excel

Reporting Page

Intra-Building Maps with Live Equipment Status

Supercharge your operations with Knaq’s custom-built map view. Interact with an intra-building mapping interface built specifically for your facility and directly integrated with live elevator/escalators status from the Knaq data dashboard

Device Mapping Page

Predictive Maintenance Prevents Unplanned Downtime

Leverage massive datasets for predictive analytics

Better understand root cause failures and equipment trends through longer term views

Current clients leverage deep data insights to get ahead of problems before they take units out of service

An example of hydraulic relevels to motor starts in a failure vs avoided failure condition

Predictive Maintenance Page