Improve student experience by optimizing elevator operations

Knaq’s industrial equipment information system delivers real-time alerting, live data, and predictive insights on your entire portfolio of elevators, escalators, HVAC and other industrial equipment.

Join some of the world’s most advanced facilities who use Knaq to access deep data insights on their industrial equipment.

Full-Portfolio Integration: Regardless of OEM

Knaq’s in-house designed hardware sensors non-invasively pull critical operating data on your equipment, regardless of OEM or age, allowing you to own the data for your entire portfolio.

See detailed live data on :

Drive system

Motor condition

Door operation

Fault conditions

Component life cycles

Usage trends

Passenger waiting times per floor

Equipment downtime (planned/unplanned maintenance)

Traffic analyses

Unit shutdowns

Predictive alerts


Use Knaq’s Elevator Data for Traffic Planning

Leverage Knaq’s data on elevator usage, including average passenger wait time per floor, trip counts, and runtime reports to better plan traffic across campus.

Intra-Building Maps with Live Equipment Status

Supercharge your operations with Knaq’s custom-built map view. Interact with an intra-building mapping interface built specifically for your university and directly integrated with live equipment status from the Knaq data dashboard.

Subheader: Robust Reporting and Data Export Capabilities

The benefits of digitizing equipment operations accrue to the entire organization, from technicians troubleshooting issues quicker to the C-suite understanding traffic flows. Knaq allows you to look at trends over time and make long-term organizational planning decisions.

Not just vertical transportation! Knaq can provide deep data insights and alerting on a variety of other equipment types, including HVAC, pumps, generators, compressors, and more. Get all of your university’s most critical operational data aggregated on the same data dashboard.